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Eligibility for Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Benefits
Your eligibility for life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance benefits begins on the date the eligibility requirements are met. It is not necessary to wait until the beginning of the next insurance quarter to become eligible for these benefits. Life insurance and AD&D benefits under the Active Plan of Benefits are underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company. Life insurance benefits under the Low Cost Medical Plan are self-insured.
Remember to notify the Health Benefits Dept. (312-787-9455, Option 3) of any death as soon as possible.

Life Insurance for a Participant
Your eligibility for benefits, includes a life insurance benefit in the amount of $50,000, payable to the beneficiary named by you, in a lump sum, in the event of your death from any cause at any time. You or your beneficiary
do not have to complete a form in order to apply for life insurance benefits. The only requirement of the Fund is that you furnish a certified original death certificate.  Upon receipt of the original certified death certificate, the Fund will file the claim with Aetna for benefit payment consideration.  Please note this process can take up to 6 weeks. Should you have any questions, contact the Health Benefits Department at 312-787-9455, phone option 3, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CST. 

Beneficiary Designation and Payment
You should designate a beneficiary by completing a beneficiary designation form and submitting it to the Health Benefits Department at the Fund office. Changes may be made to the designation at any time. Such designation or change will take effect as of the date the update is received at the Fund Office regardless whether you are living at the time of such filing but without prejudice to the insurance company for any payments made by it before receipt of such request at the Fund Office.

Click here to download and print the Enrollment and Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form.

Any amount payable to a beneficiary will be paid as designated by you in accordance with the following rules:

  1. If more than one beneficiary is named and no percentage of share is specifically designated, the beneficiaries will share equally;

  2. If any designated beneficiary dies before you, the share that he or she would have received if he/she had survived your death will be payable equally to the remaining designated beneficiary or beneficiaries, if any, that survive the participant; and

  3. If no designated beneficiary survives you or if no beneficiary has been designated, payment will be made to:

    1. Your widow or widower, if surviving you; or
    2. if no spouse survives you, in equal shares to your children that survive you; or
    3. if no children survive you, to your living parents equally, or to the surviving parent; or
    4. if neither parent survives you, in equal shares to your brothers and sisters who survive you; or
    5. if no siblings survive you, to your estate.

In any case, the insurance company may deduct from the amount payable an amount to be applied for funeral and other expenses related to your last illness and death, but only when benefits have been properly assigned. Funeral homes are familiar with the process of benefits assignment from Life Insurance and can help you file the necessary paperwork.  

Disability Death Benefit Extension
If you become totally and permanently disabled while you are eligible for the life insurance benefit and before you reach age 60, you may apply for a waiver of premium, in which, if approved, the Fund will continue your life insurance benefit by paying the required premium as long as you remain disabled and the group policy remains in force. You and your doctor should file the first proof of disability with the Fund Office, Attn: Health Benefits
Dept., within three (3) months after loss of eligibility. The Fund Office will file the completed application with Aetna. If approved by Aetna, continued proof of disability will be required on a regular schedule, but not less than once a year. Life insurance on waiver of premium will be discontinued in the event that annual proof of disability is not provided, or if Aetna finds that the disability no longer qualifies as total and permanent. In the event the group policy is discontinued, your life insurance benefit will terminate.
In no event will an extension of the death benefit be granted if the application for the extension is filed beyond one year after the loss of eligibility. Applying or qualifying for a disability benefit with the Pension Fund does not constitute application for this Disability Death Benefit extension. A separate application with the Welfare Fund (Health Benefits Department) is required.
Life Insurance for Dependents
If you are eligible for benefits, your dependents are eligible under the Active Plan of benefits for a benefit payment in the amount of $2,500 in the event of the death of a spouse and $2,000 in the event of the death of a covered dependent child, at any time or place, as long as the death occurs while your spouse or dependent child is covered under the Plan.

Benefits for dependent life are always paid to you as long as you survive the death of your dependent, otherwise benefits are paid to your surviving spouse or estate.
Life Insurance Benefits under COBRA Continuation Coverage

Life Insurance Benefits are not available under COBRA Continuation coverage.
Life Insurance Benefit under the Low Cost Medical Plan

Under the Low Cost Medical Plan, you are eligible for a life insurance benefit in the amount of $5,000, payable to the beneficiary named by you, in the event of your death from any cause at any time, if death occurs while you are covered under the Low Cost Medical Plan.
Your spouse and dependent children are eligible for a Life Insurance Benefit in the amount of $1,000 each, payable to you, or in the event of your death to your estate, in the event of a dependent death from any cause, at any time or place, if the death occurs while your spouse or child is covered under the Low Cost Medical Plan.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)
AD&D benefits provide a benefit payment for your loss, while insured, of life, limbs or the entire and irrecoverable loss of sight, including such losses resulting from Occupational Injury or Accidents.  Benefits are payable only if the loss results directly from bodily Injuries sustained solely through accidental means and occur within 90 days after the date of the Accident causing the loss.  No more than the amount of one principal payment is payable for multiple Injuries or death incurred in one Accident.

Type of Loss

Benefit Amount



One hand and one foot


One foot and sight of one eye


One hand and sight of one eye


Sight of both eyes


Speech and hearing in both ears


Both feet


Both hands


Sight of one eye


One foot


One hand


Thumb and index finger


In order to apply for Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits, you must file a claim.  A claim requires that both you and your attending physician complete the claim form in its entirety. In case of death, a certified death certificate will suffice. Please contact the Health Benefits Dept. at 312-787-9455, phone option 3 to have the forms sent to you. There are representatives to assist you Monay through Friday 8am to 4:30pm.  






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