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Only Participants in the Active Plan of Benefits are eligible for this benefit. It is referred to as the Short Term Disability benefit.

General Information
If you suffer a non-occupational, non-work related disability during a coverage quarter in which you are eligible for benefits, and you are not a retiree, you may qualify for Short Term Disability benefits. Benefits may include a payment of up to $450 per week and up to a maximum of 40 contribution hours per week for a maximum of 52 weeks.  

For treatment of an illness, the benefit will start on the eighth (8th) day after you first become disabled and are unable to work.  However, if you are continuously disabled for four (4) weeks or longer, benefits are payable beginning with the first full day of such illness.  In the case of a non-work-related accidental injury, benefits will start on the first full day of the disability.

Short Term Disability benefits are not available to participants who are on continuation coverage under COBRA, the Low Cost Medical Plan or who do not meet the quarterly eligibility requirements.

Click Here for the Summary Plan Description dtd. 1/1/19

Click Here for the Active Plan Schedule dtd. 1/1/2020

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Temporary COVID-19 Relief:

Short Term Disability Benefits Expanded to Include Covid-19 Diagnosis: Effective March 1, 2020, for an Employee who is eligible for benefits, the definition of Non-Occupational Illness under the Short Term Disability benefit has been temporarily expanded to include coverage for imposed quarantine or self-quarantine of an eligible Employee who is unable to work because his  attending physician has certified that such quarantine is (1) medically necessary or appropriate because the eligible Employee has been diagnosed with COVID-19; (2) had exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19; and/or (3) a member of the eligible Employee’s household has been diagnosed with COVID-19 according to the accepted guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and/or the respective state Department of Health.  The Plan is further amended to waive the seven (7) calendar day waiting period for benefits to start for qualifying COVID-19 Disabilities.  This benefit change does not apply to Employees currently continuing coverage under COBRA, the Low Cost Medical Plan or the Self-pay option. 

What is a Disability?
A disability is a physical or mental condition that results in your being unable to perform the duties of your occupation.  

To qualify for this benefit you must be eligible for benefits at the time you became disabled and you must be under the active care of a licensed physician during the entire period of your disability.  

The Fund reserves the right to require you to submit to an examination, at the Fund’s expense, by a physician selected by the Fund to verify the disability as often as deemed necessary.

Maximum Benefit Period
A maximum of 52 weeks of Short Term Disability benefits are payable for any single qualified disability. You must be eligible for benefits during each coverage quarter in order to receive the Short Term Disability benefits.  

For the purpose of this Plan, subsequent disabilities occurring in any 12-month period of time will be considered as one and the same claim as long as the disability is for the same injury or illness, and only the maximum benefit of 52 weeks will be payable.

For work-related disabilities, there is no weekly benefit payable. However, you may qualify for continued contribution of hours as long as you complete the required forms and meet all the other requirements of the plan.

A new disability claim will only begin if the following two criteria are met:

  • A subsequent disability is due to an accidental injury and/or illness unrelated to the previous disability; and
  • Is separated by a return to work for at least 200 hours of covered employment with one or more employers.

If the cause of your new disability is unrelated to your previous disability, but you did not return to work for at least 200 hours of covered employment, the subsequent disability will not qualify for benefits. 

If a subsequent disability is caused by an illness related to a previous illness for which you collected the maximum 52 weeks of benefit, you must provide proof that you have recovered from the previous illness and remained non-disabled for a period of at least 12 consecutive months before you can qualify for a new claim of Short Term Disability benefits.

Filing a Short Term Disability Claim
Both you and your attending physician must complete the Short Term Disability Claim Form in its entirety to apply for Non-Occupational Short Term Disability Benefits.  

Periodically, you and your attending physician must complete a Recertification of Short Term Disability Claim Form in full to continue to qualify for the weekly payment and credit of contribution hours.  

Please contact the Health Benefits Dept. at the Fund Office and request a claim form for Short Term Disability benefits or click here to download and print a Short Term Disability Claim Form.

Tax Withholding from Disability Pay
The Plan will follow Federal and State tax withholding rules when paying a weekly payment for a non-occupational short term disability; however, please note the following: 

  • FICA and Medicare taxes are automatically deducted from your disability pay for the first six months from the date your disability commences. Your last employer of record will match these deductions.
  • Federal taxes are not automatically deducted from your disability pay; however you may request a deduction by submitting a completed IRS Form W-4S to the Fund Office, Attn:  Health Benefits Department.

          Click here for an IRS Form W-4S.

  • State taxes are not automatically deducted from your disability pay. The Fund Office can not deduct state taxes from your disability pay, so we highly recommend you discuss this with your accountant or tax professional.

Retirement – Termination of Short Term Disability Benefits
If you retire under the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Pension Fund, the Chicago Regional Council of Millmen Pension Fund, or the Carpenters Local #496 Pension Fund you are not eligible to receive more than six (6) days of Short Term Disability benefits in any month in which you receive your first monthly benefit payment under the pension fund.  In addition, you will not be eligible to receive any further Short Term Disability Benefits.
Contact the Retirement Benefit Department, at (312) 787-9455, option 4 to discuss a disability retirement.



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